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Rose Hill For District 2

Leadership With a Heart

Rose Hill strives to protect our cherished neighborhoods, small business, the environment and creating a prosperous San Antonio.  As a longtime resident with her family, of Government Hill and the current President of Government Hill Alliance Neighborhood Association, Rose Hill has the knowledge and heart of a leader.  She is also  the co-founder of the D2 President's Round Table made of 30 registered neighborhoods, dedicated to working together for the betterment of District 2.  Born and raised in San Antonio, her parents owned a small business, so she understands the stress, strain, and the commitment to employees and hard work. 

Vote for the needed leadership in District 2, with knowledge of 35 years of service as a Community Civic Leader and Organizer.

Vote Rose Hill for District 2!

For You a Personal Message From Rose Requenez Hill

Leadership With a Heart

Community & Neighborhoods

Rose Hill has been the Government Hill Alliance President for 10 years. She is the co- founder of the D2 President’s Round Table, a consortium of 30 registered neighborhoods dedicated to communicating and formulating direction and policy for their neighborhoods together.

This Alliance has been working together almost 4 years and have confronted city code changes such as UDC-Unifed Development Code,  homeless encampments, and balanced growth,  coming to consensus many times.  The ability to find consensus thru transparency and working together is a hallmark of Rose Hill’s leadership abilities.

She will continue this leadership with a heart as she represents all of District 2 in the areas of concern with regard to the timeliness and prioritization of city projects in neighborhoods such as streets, sidewalks, drainage, lighting,  and code compliance issues. Rose knows working together will build stronger communities. 

Finding Solutions on Public Safety

Public safety must be the #1 priority in District 2. Residents of  District 2 deserve to feel safe in their homes. No one should fear to walk to schools, churches, businesses or even the neighborhood park.

Rose Hill will implement a policy plan that brings stakeholders, community leaders, neighborhood presidents, and law enforcement to the table. Creating effective communication amongst all parties is key to success.

Currently our SAFFE officers have good relationships with our neighborhood presidents. They attend neighborhood monthly meetings and act as liaisons with SAPD. Rose Hill will continue to build on this solid relationship with the SAFFE Unit.   

Public Participation at City Hall and City Services

Rose Hill as president of Government Hill Alliance Neighborhood Association has frequently presented at City Council, Zoning Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, Historic Preservation and the Parks Board. Her experience at representing neighborhoods and community issues has given her insight of the inequity that occurs at City Hall. She has seen where citizens voices are cut to 1 minute of time at the podium for serious problems that plague District 2. 

Rose Hill promises that citizens will be heard and responded to when they come to city hall to speak. She will give the constituents of District 2 respect and afford them assurance their voices will be heard.

Support Small and Minority-Owned Businesses

Rose Hill has been an advocate of small business as she grew up with her parents that had a mom and pop grocery business called  Lara's Grocery here in Government Hill on the east side of San Antonio. She and her husband had a small business as well. As a business owner, Rose Hill has written payroll checks, provided services, and balanced the books. Because of this experience, Rose Hill knows the concerns and stresses that come with being a business owner.

Recently she went to the council chamber podium and spoke to support the horse carriage industry that is made of (5) Small Minority Women LGBTQ businesses that are under attack by current city Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriquez with a CCR he co-sponsored. Without any warning to the carriage owners Councilman Jalen McKee- Rodriguez is attempting to close (5) businesses that have hundreds of employees. 

Rose Hill pledges that no business owner in District 2 will be blindsided by the City and will work to support and save current small and minority businesses as well as grow our economy in District 2.

Save The Trees In Brackenridge Park

District 2 residents , like the rest of the city know that our summers are increasing in heat , and our winters have caused major city shutdowns and black outs.  To respond to climate readiness and global warming must be a priority, and to see our heritage trees and our public parks become paved over is an atrocity. 

On March 3, 2023, Community advocates for the trees went to the Texas Historic Commission in Austin, Texas to testify against the removal of the heritage trees by the City of San Antonio.  The THC commissioners tabled the request by the city because of the public outcry as well as proof there are other solutions for the rebuilding of the stone walls.

Rose Hill attended the meeting and testified for saving the trees. She is against the privatization of our public lands and parks. These amenities are for tax payers and families to enjoy free and open. The battle to save the Brackenridge heritage trees is not over, and Rose Hill will continue to fight for climate justice.

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